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KSP achieves success by bringing the right resources to satisfy the needs of the Client in the form of People, Projects or Products. Our all encompassing solutions come in a variety of arrangements that share in common the ‘what’s the best way‘ approach based to the verify specific client goals. Occasionally specialists are necessary to fulfill the Client request and Synergy has a number of Partners to leverage in order to satisfy the goals. If you are a independent contractor or your organization has a specialty skill you’d like to talk with us about simply click the button below and share a little about your skills with us.

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The free agent revolution is upon us as nearly one in three workers are now entertaining ‘gig work’ to make their livings. Corporations often block this talent from engaging with them directly. Synergy knows that through diligent compliance and structured communication, these independent contractors can used without significant risk and with a high value re-engagement opportunity.

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Every large company was a small company once and KSP United has together found amazing partners by staying keenly aware of new and talented technology organizations. Changes in the tools and approaches change rapidly in the the marketplace and leaning on our ‘best in class‘ partners really benefits our clients.


Developing long and lasting mutually beneficial relationships with specialty firms has been a successful strategy for KSP. Tools like application development and cloud services demand very specific talents and can be particularly difficult for clients to engage. KSP leverages these specialty firms a comprehensive solutions to ensure our client’s expectations and goals are met.

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